Sunday, October 30, 2011

Aiden Turned 5!

Aiden just turned 5! As he puts it...I'm a WHOLE hand lol :)

 I decided to make "cake pops" for his birthday cake. I tried very hard to make the "cake" but I had the wrong instructions. So I found my self on YouTube :) I came across this very innovative woman who used doughnut holes!!! WHAAAAT?? Can you say AMAZING!! Need less to say the "cake" pops became "donut" pops! :) Since it was at Chuck E Cheese I wanted the chuckster :) My wonderful friend Cynthia made the chuckster pops. Didn't she do an amazing job!?

Here is the birthday boy's party table

The Pop Topper!

Aiden the birthday boy! Isn't he the cutest 5 year old you've ever seen?

Aiden's birthday Thank Yous. Notice the
letters, spell ( color) out 'Thank You"

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